Debut of nothing special # 2  at Eden Terrace - Kingwood TX
Jan 13 2007 Lee Bigelow (LB) attends a NS performance @ Jitters Coffee house (Atascocita TX) and later approaches GP about playing percussion
Feb 18 2007 Ron Forsythe agrees to 'manage' GP
Feb 25 2007 Forsythe resends his offer
Mar 17 2007 1st rehearsal/audition/get together between LB & GP
Mar 22 2007 Printing  for George Poe business cards and promo sheet completed (later used in GP3 press kits)
Mar 23 2007 MS agrees to participate in GP3 as bass player/vocalist.  9 media kits delivered to LB (nothing special demo CD: She's No Lady/Don't Get Around Much/Autumn Leaves)
Mar 26 2007 GP3 Website created
Apr 05 2007 'George Only' Demo recordings for GP3 demo begun
Apr 07 2007 1st official practice of GP3
Apr 14 2007 LB joins nothing special at Jitters performance
Apr 15 2007 9 media kits delivered to LB - Revised demo CD (She's No Lady/Don't Get Around Much/Autumn Leaves/Fly Me to the Moon/You Don't Know Me)
May 04 2007 1st band meeting (Benningan's Houston)
May 12 2007  Jitters performance