Little is known about pianist George Poe, but this much has been confirmed: In late 1998 Poe was bitten by a radioactive termite while repairing a loose board on his fence. For 3 1/2 months, Poe faded in and out of a comatose state. His physicians would later claim that his most responsive periods were when certain selections from Gino Vannelli's 1985 Album 'Black Cars' was played in Poe's hospital room. 

In August of 1999, doctors claimed that Poe had fully recovered from the incident (the termite bite not from G.V.) and was released from care. Shortly, thereafter George began to display an almost superhuman ability to decipher codes and arrange music. He claimed that the 'Black Cars' record contained Da Vinci Code type messages in the lyrics that translated to either "Buffalo Shadow Carvinvals Advance" or "Find Steph -Ens Bass". Poe opted for the latter, and embarked on a journey to find the one called 'Bass-player'.



George Poe