Welcome to the official site of author George Wright Padgett
      Welcome to the official site of author George Wright Padgett


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  My parents told me not to lie. They said that making stuff up that really didn't happen was wrong.

Here I am many years later, lying on paper... making stuff up in books, and everyone seems to be okay with that. Even worse is that they have paid me to do this.

How very peculiar this all is for me. 
- George 2012




Why did George become an author?

Maybe because George's father never took him fishing.

Instead of dropping a line off a creaky pier or bobbing around a small two-man boat on a lake, he opted to take his son to watch cheesy B-movie science fiction films. Those experiences in the flickering glow of Houston, Texas movie theaters soon mixed with George’s voracious appetite for comic book reading. The result ignited a love for the art of story-telling.

Many years later, George found himself making up elaborate bedtime stories for his young daughter. He discovered that the outlandish tales of silliness and fantasy that he told were comparable (and even better sometimes) than the books that he was buying for her from the bookstores. On a whim he began to put these ideas to paper and surprised himself when he won the 2006 Joan Lowery Nixon award for a children’s book.

As his children grew older, George longed to delve into fiction with darker themes for adults; fiction that took the reader away to other planets, other societies, other times, introducing them to darker personalities. He began to write for himself – the stories he wanted to read.

His time is divided between being a husband and father of two, a jazz piano player, a graphic artist, and a playwright. With what time is left over, he writes science fiction, horror, and the occasional mystery while sitting on the sofa next to his mini dachshund, Jenny.

Even now, many thousands of words later, each story he tells, he imagines himself back in the movie theater passing the popcorn back to his father.

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