What type of keyboard(s) does George play?

At first, we felt that devoting a page to the specifications of the instruments that George plays was a little odd, but so many requests from potential clients have come in for this info, we felt we had to make this available. The inquiries wish to ensure that the trio provides an authentic piano sound, without having to sacrifice the space requirements needed of an actual piano or baby grand.

By his own admission, George is something of a piano sound purist. If asked, he'll tell you he's a 'Piano Snob'. He has never been willing to settle for synthesizer keyboards that deliver an anemic thin timbre when the little piano button is pushed. He claims 'wimpy' sounds like that are distracting to him and his listeners, negatively affecting his performance. He goes on to say: "I compare those weak settings to buying a snack cake from a vending machine vs. having a world class pastry chef bake a wedding cake from scratch. Why would anyone settle for something like that when you can have the best sound available?"       

The main instrument George performs on is a customized Privia PX-120  Digital Piano. He chose this keyboard for a feature known as 'Natural Response Action' and the piano's extraordinary sound sampling. Natural Response Action gives the performer the feeling of playing on a concert grand where the key touch is heavier for low notes and lighter for high notes.

And while a close inspection may reveal some scratches and dings from performances through the years, the sound is still second to none.

Check out a piano solo George recorded to 'hear' for yourself: 
Listen Here:

George also relies on a Kurzweil Micro Piano when an arrangement requires strings or beefy Hammond organ tones. This small but powerful unit sits inconspicuously above the piano, and uses Midi technology to activate lush string sounds as the keys are struck.


Learn about Midi here  >             


All of this technology is housed in a baby grand piano shell custom built by designer Ryan Wehr. This piano 'shell' provides a classic, elegant look for the group on stage while concealing cables and cords from the view of the audience.


Stand & 'Piano Shell'

  Custom-made by
   designer Ryan Wehr


65'' W x 42'' H x 54'' D

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Factory specs for PX -120 Piano:  
   Keyboard: Natural Response Action (88 keys)
   Maximum Polyphony: 128 notes
   Sound: Grand Piano
   Pedal: Sustain
   Terminals: MIDI (IN, OUT), AUX  (R, L)
   Speakers: 2 X 8 watts
   Power: 75W, AC120/220/24OV, 50/6OHz
   Net Weight: 25 lbs.

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