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Many of the events that George Poe is hired for doesn't call for vocal music to be played for the entire event. For these occasions, the band offers a set of instrumental music that even without singing, creates a warm ambience for the attendees.


George refers to these musical pieces as 'audible wallpaper'. These arrangements are perfect for any cocktail hour because it's not sappy 'elevator music' or demanding j
azz tunes that are inaccessible to the casual listener. George finds the perfect blend of music to play determined by the dynamics of the evening.
A history of playing in various small restaurants has honed the trio's ability to playing at low volumes without compromising the quality of sound or the intensity and delivery of the music.


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George Poe Jazz Instrumentals Original Jazz Instrumentals
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Bacon & Peanut Butter
Clocks Before Midnight
Dancing at Dusk
Don't Rock on My Rolls
Drifting Down the River With You
Everybody Needs Somethin'
Off the Rails
One Day or a Thousand
Rain on the River
Ray's After Dark
Red & Black
Reflections in the Evening Rain
Science of Falling, The
Second Time Around, The
Six-Handed Shuffle
Two Chairs
What I Never Knew About You
Woman Across the Room, The
Until the Music Stops

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