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The latest addition to the group, Corey Delagraentiss is also a native Houstonian. Born into a musical family band that could make the Jackson Family blush, it’s no surprise that playing music is a part of his DNA. Under the tutelage of his father who played multiple instruments, Corey soon followed suit and learned percussion, guitar, and horns.

He carved out a niche for himself by playing saxophone in the family band and was quickly immersed in various musical genres including Gospel, Jazz, R & B, and everything in between. These experiences enhanced Corey’s ability to adapt his playing style to whatever is ‘going down at the moment’. In George Poe Band it is a perfect complement to the foundation that Lee and George put down.

The journeyman musician is often heard repeating his signature phrase, “Quality is hard to find and yet you’ve found me.”  Some may consider this to be a brash statement at first, but they are quickly converted the instant they hear the rich soulfulness from Corey’s sax.        

Who are these guys anyway?

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Who are these guys anyway?


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