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Pianist George Poe has a flair for infusing familiar and beloved music from the `30s thru the `80s with a fresh sensibility entirely his own.

Born in Houston, Texas, he has always been a lover of music. His earliest jazz experience was as a trumpet player in the high school jazz combo. These performances allowed him to refine his tonal vocabulary while learning how to connect with a live audience.

Eventually moving his focus from trumpet to piano, he discovered a realm of musical possibilities open up to him. This was due largely to the fact that he could play the multiple notes of chords simultaneously instead of the single tones of the trumpet. Somewhere within the lush arrangements of George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, and Cole Porter, a fire was ignited. Fueled by an insatiable appetite for melodic arranging and songwriting, George immersed himself in the craft for more than two decades in groups such as NOTHING SPECIAL and GEORGE POE TRIO.

Now, more than just a tribute to music's most enduring songs, he still serves homage to a bygone era of songwriting and performing, blurring the lines between the classics, blues, pop, R&B, and jazz.


Who are these guys anyway?

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Who are these guys anyway?


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