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Born in California and raised on San Diego sand, surf, and sunshine, Lee spent many fond hours listening to his father’s collection of 78-RPM speed records. The rhythms from those thick vinyl discs captivated him. He knew that the sounds from that phonograph were much larger than the small living room that he was listening to them in.  
The first chance he got, he bought a set a bongo drums from a flea market in Tijuana, Mexico. When he couldn’t find other musicians that shared his musical zeal, Lee would set up those bongos at house parties and play along with the stereo late into the night. 

     While serving a tour of duty in Vietnam during the late sixties, music served as an escape outlet for Lee. When he returned to the states, he hooked up with various local groups whose styles ranged from blues, jazz, Latin, folk, and rock. He immersed himself in mastering the fundamentals of each genre. During the last four decades, Lee has devoted himself to refining the key elements of these styles into a sort of ‘rhythmic stew’ - a feast of percussion, which he serves up generous portions at every performance.

Who are these guys anyway?

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Who are these guys anyway?


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