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What people are saying about George Poe Trio:                



What people are saying about George Poe Trio:                






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"A Rainy Night at Jitter's"
"A 'Red' Tie Affair"
"Ah...Yes, I Remember It Well"
"All I Have Is a Photograph"

"And Now Time for Something Completely Different"
"Baby, You Can Drive My Car"
"Bad Moon Rising"
"Can't Get There from Here"
"Caught in the Act"
"Come Fly With Me"

"Debut of GP3"
"Do You Take This Band to Be Your Wedding Band"
"For Those About to Jingle"

"For Whom the (Cow) Bell Tolls"
"Games People Play"
George & Lee Go To Prom Together"
"GP3 @ George R Brown"
"GP3 Encourages You to Waste Time at Work!" 
"GP3 Helps Out the Feds"
"GP3's Cyber Saturday"
"Going to the Chapel"
"Gone Fishing"
"Grape Expectations"
"Handshakes, Ribbons, Warriors, and Cheese" 

"America's Humble's Got Talent"
"Hunt Easter Eggs with GP3"
"If the Shoe Fits"
"If You Don't Know Me By Now"
"I've Just Seen a Face"
"King Snake vs. Bunny"
"Lost & Found"
"(Gig)Master of Your Domain?"
"Matthew Snaps His G String"
"Matthew's Top 10: GP3 vs. Halo 3" 
"On the Tip of My Tongue"
"Only 152 Days Left and Counting"
"Open Wide and Say "Aaaahhhhh."
"Ray's After Dark"
"Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay"

"Survey Says..."  
"The 12 Gigs of Christmas"
"The Band Plays for a Bunch of Drug Dealers" 

"The Curtain Falls"    
"The Gifts They Brought"
"The Graduate"
"The Great Election of '08"
"The Once and Future King"
"The Trio Plays Texas Stadium"
"Thereís a Lot of Coffee in Brazil, Gigli" 
"Three Grown Men Play Footsies Together On a Saturday Night"
What's in a Name?"
"What's Your Sign?"         


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